With the current climate of the world and Covid-19, ALL scheduled dates of where I perform live, both as an individual and with the band, Gunslingers, have been cancelled until further notice. Effective immediately, all performances have been postponed until further notice until at which time the Canadian Health Organization deems it safe for live entertainment will be allowed to continue.   

With this in mind, I am now providing live stream, solo performances for any and all senior facilities, both retirement and long term care. There will also be prerecorded videos available for a 2 day period at a time. Being that this has been my full time job for the past 5 years and my only source of income, you'll understand that charging a fee is necessary.

I am providing an entertainment request form that can be filled out and sent.

My hopes are that this pandemic will be short lived and that we ALL will become closer, more compassionate human beings, moving forward.

Stay healthy and safe.


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