Greetings to you all.


It’s with a heavy heart that I inform you that, effective immediately, I will no longer be available for live or live stream musical performances during weekdays. As far as a potential timeline, I’m anticipating AT LEAST another year, if not more.


I’m the latest victim of the pandemic. I tried my best to stick it out but, financially, I’m beginning to suffer. I think I did pretty well, considering, and held on to last a little over a year. 


I managed to secure full time work, Monday to Friday. This means, if I had anything booked with you on a Saturday, it still stands. The best I can offer moving forward are my (4) one hour videos, which are available anytime for two days at a time, per video ($100 each) and a group live stream Zoom performance on a Sunday afternoon from 2-3pm for all who want to join ($150). I can accommodate up to 100 participants so, room for everyone. I will want some time for family so Saturdays (unless otherwise booked, prior to this message) will NOT be available. 


If the vaccines prove to be effective and the world begins to live with COVID and it’s consequences, allowing things to get back to “normal”, I will be in touch to start booking live performances again. Hopefully, I won’t be forgotten but that’s the chance I have to take.


I absolutely LOVED being a musician and playing music for senior groups. It totally fulfilled me and I was never happier. I truly look forward to the day when I can start again.


Please apologize to your residents for me. I will sincerely miss you and all of them.


My deepest thanks and appreciation for your willingness to hire me throughout these past 6 years. It was an amazing ride!


Take care, please stay healthy and safe. So long...for now.

Art Lajambe