Greetings to you all!

I have officially started booking for 2023 and I will be sending out a blanket email to you all, once I have my calendar. I certainly encourage you to book, even if you're unsure. If cancellations have to happen due to Covid outbreaks, it's totally understandable. 


I'm hoping restrictions will be lifted enough, plus the staffing situations improve, to the point of being able to book any mornings or evenings once again, instead of only afternoons.

I am fully vaccinated, I have a plexiglass stand to sing behind (provided I'm not required to sing with a mask behind it) and I can perform with a mask, if required.

Just a reminder that, if/when you do book, you can still download and print off my song list for your residents so that they may pick & chose songs during each performance.

I thank you all for you patience with me during these unprecedented times with my different announcements. It's greatly appreciated.

I can't wait to get started on a (hopefully) very busy year of entertaining!

Please continue to stay healthy and safe.


Art Lajambe