Greetings to you all!

I'm extremely excited to let everyone know that I am back playing music full time!

I've actually been back since the beginning of June but, with the uncertainty of another potential lockdown or restrictions, I've been hesitant to post this announcement. I did try to reach out to all of you individually either through email or phone calls and I apologize if we didn't connect.

As of today (October 14, 2021), all of my afternoons are booked for 2021. I do, however, still have a number of mornings and evenings available

Also, I started booking for 2022. If you are uncertain of things moving forward, may I suggest that we book anyway and we can always cancel as we go along.


Until society deems we move ahead and don't look back, I will be suspending the clause on my invoice. I will not be charging a fee for cancelled shows.

I am fully vaccinated, I have a plexiglass stand to sing behind (provided I'm not required to sing with a mask behind it) and I can perform with a mask, if required.

I can't wait to see you all again! Please feel free to contact me anytime should you have any questions or IF YOU WANT TO START BOOKING AGAIN!

Just a reminder that, if/when you do book, you can still download and print off my song list for your residents so that they may pick & chose songs during each performance.

I thank you all for you patience with me during these unprecedented times with my different announcements. It's greatly appreciated.

Please continue to stay healthy and safe.


Art Lajambe